Responsive and Fair

I most recently worked as an employee at r2 Technologies as a senior project manager for one of their education clients. The team at r2 Technologies have an incredible ability to match the IT needs of their clients with the best professionals in North Texas. r2 Technologies has a very broad and deep network of IT professionals from which to draw on for their clients, and the urgency and commitment are second to none. At one point we needed an additional resource on the project, and within 24 hours I was sent 3-4 excellent candidates. Having worked for the company on a high profile project, I found the team at r2 Technologies to be very responsive and fair. They always followed through with the promises they made. In other words, they did what they said they were going to do. I look forward to working with r2 Technologies in the future. If your project is in need of high caliber IT professionals, either contract or permanent, I highly recommend r2 Technologies to help you fulfill that need.

Danny, PMP

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