Interview Tips

Looking for some interview advice? r2 has you covered with these helpful interview articles so you can ace your next job!

Candidate Interview Tips
Helpful tips on how to conduct yourself during phone and on-site interviews.
Phone Interview Checklist and Tips
Helpful tips on how best prepare for your phone interview.
On-Site Interview Checklist and Tips
Checklist of tips to best prepare for your on-site interview.
HR Screen Interview Checklist and Tips
Helpful tips on how best to prepare for an HR Screen interview.
10 Tips to Prepare for an IT Job Video Interview
Read about different types of video interviews and how best to prepare for them.
Behavioral Interview Preparation
Key tips to conduct yourself during a face-to-face interview.
How to Ace an Interview
Key tips and practices to best prepare you for any interview.
Accepting a Counteroffer
Tips on how to handle counteroffers from your current company.

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