Helped us find the right people

Our Steering Committee met to review the Business Intelligence Dashboard that has been developed by the r2 team. The results were amazing and I wanted to share my special thanks to r2 Technologies for helping find the “right” people to assist in our development and testing efforts. This morning on our BI Status Meeting, I specifically recognized the r2 and their resources as a major “game changer” in our project. They have been such a great partner and are always right on target with the resources r2 brings to the table. I am so impressed with the organization, and the team.

The efforts from your consultants, from a development standpoint far exceeded my expectations. These guys (and gals) have worked very hard but most importantly have invested themselves in our project and performed all that we have asked of them. They have amazing technical talents but most importantly they are great team players!

Two r2 Consultants that recently joined are very new to the team, they came to the team at a very critical time and have jumped into the middle of a long and arduous QA effort and immediately made a difference. I am also thankful for their assistance in our QA efforts and look forward to their help in the next phase of the project.

I am so thankful to this team and the others that r2 Tech has brought to our team. I know that I will see continued excellence from this team.

Thank you so much. You are a blessing to me!

Data Warehouse Manager
N. Texas Client

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