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Helped us find the right people

Our Steering Committee met to review the Business Intelligence Dashboard that has been developed by the r2 team. The results were amazing and I wanted to share my special thanks to r2 Technologies for helping find the “right” people to assist in our development and testing efforts. This morning on our BI Status Meeting, I specifically recognized the r2 and their resources as a major “game changer” in our project. They have been such a great partner and are always right on target with the resources r2 brings to the table. I am so impressed with the organization, and the team.

The efforts from your consultants, from a development standpoint far exceeded my expectations. These guys (and gals) have worked very hard but most importantly have invested themselves in our project and performed all that we have asked of them. They have amazing technical talents but most importantly they are great team players!

Two r2 Consultants that recently joined are very new to the team, they came to the team at a very critical time and have jumped into the middle of a long and arduous QA effort and immediately made a difference. I am also thankful for their assistance in our QA efforts and look forward to their help in the next phase of the project.

I am so thankful to this team and the others that r2 Tech has brought to our team. I know that I will see continued excellence from this team.

Thank you so much. You are a blessing to me!

Data Warehouse Manager
N. Texas Client

Personalized Care

I worked with the r2 Team as a contractor to Sabre. I have been extremely pleased with the entire process. The team was able to get me an interview here and followed up with me to make sure things were going well. They really do care about the people that they work with and that… Continue Reading

Enthusiastic and Knowlegeable

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert As a local job seeker and networker, I have become associated with the r2 Technologies team in the last several months. Certain attributes have become readily apparent. The r2 Team is a very successful employment agency, and they have numerous local connections. This enables them to obtain and offer… Continue Reading

Top Quality at a Reasonable Cost

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity It is always a pleasure to work with r2 Technologies – they deliver on their commitments and always with top quality talent at a reasonable cost. They have very high-energy and have an extensive network of talented professionals that they work with. I highly recommend r2 Technologies! Michael,… Continue Reading

Fostering Long Term Relationships

I worked directly for r2 Technologies as a recruiter. Their hands-on technical background and knowledge of the consulting industry allows them to gain instant credibility and foster long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike. They have a strong work ethic that is beyond compare. If you’re a candidate looking to work for a great company… Continue Reading

Responsive and Fair

I most recently worked as an employee at r2 Technologies as a senior project manager for one of their education clients. The team at r2 Technologies have an incredible ability to match the IT needs of their clients with the best professionals in North Texas. r2 Technologies has a very broad and deep network of… Continue Reading

Great Results, High Integrity

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity I have used the services of r2 Technologies both as a job seeker and for talent placement. The r2 team conducts their highly professional business with integrity. I highly respect the r2 team and would recommend the services of r2 Technologies to any individual or organization. Mark, Sr.… Continue Reading

Outstanding Mentor

I highly recommend using r2 Technologies if you are searching for the ‘right’ technical candidates. They have a passion for people which is evident when you meet them!  Marla, Senior Recruiter, General DataTech Continue Reading

Great Innovation and Strategic Initiative

I have worked for r2 Technologies on multiple engagements. On every occasion the team has shown professionalism, dedication, and excellence. With their experience in the IT industry, r2 has very clearly understood the company’s business needs and how my experience matched the positions that the recruiter’s placed me in. They have shown great innovation and strategic… Continue Reading